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ProtIG is an NIH Special Interest Group (SIG) that organizes seminars and workshops in relevant areas of proteomics, including talks on separation and protein identification methods, determination of post-translational modifications, protein-protein interactions, and bioinformatics and data management. A monthly seminar series is usually held at 10 am on the Second Thursday of each month (always check the Mtgs/Seminars button on this page for these and other PROTIG announced meetings). To receive email announcements of ProtIG events, join the listserv (Join the SIG button on this page)

March ProtIG Seminar
Thursday, March 12th, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00am
Building 50, NIH Campus
Room 1328/1334 (Rear Conference Room)
Forest White, Ph.D.
Professor of Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Mechanistic and Translational Insights from Functional Proteomics"

Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs) are critical for normal human physiology, but can be oncogenic when highly expressed or mutated in a wide array of human cancers.  To define the critical components in these networks, we have developed mass spectrometry based methods enabling the quantification of tyrosine phosphorylation sites in RTK signaling networks at high temporal resolution following stimulation with different ligands or inhibitors, in vitro and in vivo.  Extending these signaling network analyses to tumor tissues highlights therapeutic targets from clinical tissue specimens, while analysis of treated tissues provides insight into pharmacodynamics and adaptive response of the tumor.  Coupling these data to drug distribution enables the identification of signatures of therapeutic efficacy.  Functional proteomic analyses thus provide systems-level information regarding drug targets, drug efficacy, and drug resistance from on-going clinical trials. 

This seminar will not be videocast

Seminars will be webcast online at and available on the
Proteomics Interest Group website as an archived presentation unless otherwise noted.

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